Her Royal Highness

Another great bird from Three Rivers Avian Center (tracwv.org), Ginger is a Long Eared Owl. I’ve never had the opportunity to see one in the wild in WV and their wonderful coloration makes for supreme camouflage. So it is quite possible that I have missed them when I’ve been hiking. I need to start carrying a speaker and my MP3 player with me to see if I can call one in close enough to see.

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One of my favorite pictures taken during a photography day at Three Rivers Avian Center (tracwv.org). Apex was an American Kestrel, our smallest member of the falcon family. Great little birds, 12 pounds of attitude in a 4 ounce body!

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Thinking of Fall…

These colder mornings have me thinking of Fall.  Hopefully we will have some fall before winter this year.  This is Seneca Rocks, WV taken a couple years ago before I had a digital camera.

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Bluebird of happiness

I do not know why but this pic I took of a grumpy cold Bluebird makes me happy.

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The Bicentennial Tower – Erie, PA

Looking out my hotel window, I decided I would not get a better chance to grab a memorable picture of the tower.

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Getting Started!

Finally after months of false starts and most recently, my desktop dieing a horrible death, I am starting on my podcast. I have a new desktop ordered (a Systemmax SYX Crossfire Dragon Gamer Phenom II X4 945 3.0 GHz!) overkill for a podcast I know, but since it was my main desktop that died, I needed something that could edit photos and videos too! Now to get the microphone and mixing board ordered and plan out my first podcast.

What I am hoping for is to do a podcast every two weeks featuring unsigned artists that have either been sent to me or I have found online.   My online radio station (wildmountainradio.com) has shut down due to lack of funds, so I am left with a void that I need to fill.  The station has uncovered many truly great artists that I may have never heard otherwise.  So wish me luck and hopefully you’ll get as much enjoyment out of learning about new bands as I have in finding them.

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