Wolf's Head

Beginning Airsoft

One of the questions I get asked most often by people interested in playing airsoft (other than “Does it hurt?”), is “What do I need to begin playing?”. Knowing how big a money hole airsoft can be, I always say the same thing… Go play a few times at a field using rental equipment to make sure you want to continue playing before you spend any money on equipment. This gives you the chance to hit and be hit, run, fall and experience all the joys and pain of playing. The best part is you get to meet players and...

Her Royal Highness

Another great bird from Three Rivers Avian Center (tracwv.org), Ginger is a Long Eared Owl. I’ve never had the opportunity to see one in the wild in WV and their wonderful coloration makes for supreme camouflage. So it is quite possible that I have missed them when I’ve been hiking. I need to start carrying a speaker and my MP3 player with me to see if I can call one in close enough to see.


One of my favorite pictures taken during a photography day at Three Rivers Avian Center (tracwv.org). Apex was an American Kestrel, our smallest member of the falcon family. Great little birds, 12 pounds of attitude in a 4 ounce body!

Thinking of Fall…

These colder mornings have me thinking of Fall.  Hopefully we will have some fall before winter this year.  This is Seneca Rocks, WV taken a couple years ago before I had a digital camera.